Perks and Troughs: The Workplace Benefits that Matter Most


Forget bonuses and office parties. According to new research by CV Library, flexible working is considered the most desirable workplace benefit.

Almost half (47%) of the 1,000 surveyed would like more of a say-so over the hours they put in at the office.

Interestingly, a staggering 72% said they do not currently receive any perks at work, but 71% believe all organisations should offer additional benefits for employees.

Power of the Perk

Almost two thirds (62%) of respondents consider workplace benefits to be a key factor when looking for a job, and 13% would even turn a job down if the organisation did not offer perks.

Money Talks

Unsurprisingly, 85% of respondents admitted they would rather receive a pay rise than any other kind of benefit.

Seasonal bonuses are still on the employees’ wish list with 39% of respondents citing them as a desirable perk. This was closely followed by 37% valuing extra holiday the most, 23% hankering after staff discounts, and 18% favouring office snacks and drinks as the perk of choice.


Me Time

Having paid time off on their birthday had a fifth (21%) of respondents chomping at the bit, while health conscious staff (18%) would like access to free fitness facilities and classes.

Every Fad Has Its Day

Whimsical perks like nap pods and foosball tables may be a thing of the past, with the majority of professionals steering towards more practical benefits like flexible working and bonuses.

Only 5% cite a nap or games room as the workplace perk they would most like to have. And less than one in 10 (8%) respondents view parties and social activities as worth the effort.

Perhaps it’s time to re-think the Christmas ‘do’ or chill-out zone in favour of what employees really want?

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Flexible Space for Focused Working

The latest technology lets you work just about anywhere. That doesn’t mean just anywhere will do.

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