Collaborate & Create: How Creative Congregation is influencing where you work

Every year a variety of surveys tell us the ‘top town’ to live and work in. So far in 2019 alone,  Farnborough, Stornoway, Winchester and more have topped the lists. When it comes to the criteria that helps people choose where to live and work there’s a new kid on the block ready to mix things up a little, and its name is ‘Creative Congregation.’

 So what does this mean for the future?

Previously, councils have too often approved plans for Dubai style malls which destroy previously popular high streets, only to find that this is not what local shoppers want. This causes a dip in the local economy and bad feeling in the community that have lost much-loved shops in the process.

Challenging this well-trodden but unsuccessful path is a new trend called Creative Congregation and also known as ‘The Shoreditch Effect’. This trend reflects that increasingly, people choose where they live and work based on factors including busy high streets full of local shops, aesthetically pleasing buildings and approachable neighbours.

A great case study for the existence and success of this event is Altrincham. This town took the bold move of investing in their high street rather than approving plans for new megastores and retail parks. By making the high street more appealing and offering support to local businesses, the previous 30% vacancy rate on the high street dropped to just 10%, growing the local economy in the process.

How is the trend reflected in the working world?

Rather than polished but generic offices, the equivalent of sterile shopping malls, businesses are now being drawn to buildings with character that inspire creativity, relaxed interaction and brainstorming.

Gone are the days of businesses flashing the cash with huge rental costs ‘just’ to show off a London postcode. People can work so flexibly now, whether at home or on the move, but face-to-face communication, whether it’s at a meeting, conference or away-day is vital for a company to run efficiently and creatively.

This has seen the Creative Congregation trend flourish because businesses tend to look more for flexible premises, value rents, lifestyle services and a variety of office spaces from private rooms to breakout rooms when getting creative.

Fetcham Park’s House Manager, Kate Ainsworth, comments: “We love the concept of Creative Congregation as the phrase sums up Fetcham Park perfectly. Since 1999, we’ve offered modern businesses a space to thrive while respecting the heritage and character of this unique building. At every stage, we have catered to the ever-changing technological needs of our clients. We like to describe this as mixing heritage with modernity.

Fetcham Park believes in a flexible agreement designed to meet the specific needs of each business. From open plan offices to meeting rooms and breakout areas, we tailor a bespoke solution based on the optimum use of your budget.

By facilitating face-to-face interaction and the on-going management of service delivery with our dedicated Client Services Team, office occupiers and their visitors alike can relax and be creative in a professional environment with modern technology on-site.

Fetcham Park offers a variety of contemporary serviced office space, breakout spaces away from the office, and a range of lifestyle services including fitness classes and car valeting. In addition, we have six acres of beautifully landscaped grounds…what better way to talk through creative ideas or complex situations than by taking a stroll with your client around the grounds before returning to get the ideas down on paper!”

Fetcham Park is tucked away in leafy Surrey, removed from the distractions and noise of the city, yet less than an hour from London and close to the M25. A secluded place to work and meet with all the facilities required to help modern businesses thrive. To get in touch email 


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