Recent plans for a proposed development in Addlestone, promoted by The Wilky Group, a property company based at Fetcham Park, has led to Runnymede Borough Council using the design as an exemplar in its new Design Guidance Supplementary Planning Document.

The site on Station Road, which forms part of the Addlestone East planning area showcases  the intensification of the use of a brownfield site, removing older two-storey buildings and replacing them with flats up to six storeys.

The design by Architects 3DReid highlights how it is possible to make effective use of a relatively small site which, due to its location, had the potential to raise concerns with communities because of fears of overlooking, loss of privacy, over-development and the impact of new access on other road users.

Runnymede Borough Council also praised the scheme for the fact that it relates to the predominant plot and building rhythm.

Sally Fish, property director at The Wilky Group, comments: “We are delighted that Runnymede Borough Council intends to use the Station Road design as an example of successful intensification in design terms. We worked very closely with Officers during the planning process and achieved Planning Permission in the summer of 2018. The site was sold to PA Housing in the middle of 2019 and we look forward to seeing them develop the site and bringing the design to life.”

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