7 Steps to Meetings that Make a Difference


Meetings. How do you like yours? Whether it’s Monday morning planning, Friday debriefs, conference calls or a walk and talk, they must be productive. With so little time in the average 9-5, you need to make that colleague chat or client catch-up count.

At Fetcham Park, we’re championing meetings that make a difference in 2018. Here’s how to make it one of your New Year business resolutions too.


Don’t let Skype, Google Hangout or conference calls overshadow a good face-to-face. Of course, sometimes it’s just not possible but for the real meaty meetings that count, get together in the same room. And if you are based at Fetcham Park make use of the many break out areas to escape the office for a one-to-one chat over a coffee.

Be Present

Declare your meeting a mobile-free zone. Shut down laptops and avoid answering emails. There’s nothing more counter-productive than checking your phone every 5 minutes. Stay present, focused, get involved and be a valuable member of the team.

Be Prepared

Reserve a meeting space based on your needs. Check the WI-FI, video conferencing, flipchart or white board, and your presentation are all working before the meeting starts. Has parking been arranged for guests and does reception have their names on the list?

Have a Goal

Time away from your desk needs to put to good use. Make time to consider the meeting objectives beforehand, make notes, and create an agenda. Think about your end goal and work towards making it happen. If you’re hosting, be sure to brief all participants beforehand and ensure they know where and when it’s happening.

Feed & Water

Never underestimate the benefits of a good snack to power you through. Staying hydrated also helps to focus the mind and keeps the yawning at bay so keep water glasses topped up. A caffeine kick works wonders too.

Take it Off-Site

A change is as good as a rest rings true with meetings too. Taking your gathering off-site can be refreshing and restorative, aid creativity and help with concentration. A good meeting venue will be able to cater to all your business needs. Whether it’s reliable high speed WI-FI, LCD projector and screen, flipchart, stationery, refreshments and ample free parking. 

Keep Meetings Tidy

When meeting in-house, leave the meeting room how you would like to find it. No one wants to waste the first few minutes tidying away other people’s rubbish when you could be getting down to business. Unfortunately, not everyone may be as considerate as you. Pop in a few minutes before and do a quick once over. This will save time and avoid distraction once the others join you. If you’re taking your meeting off-site, use a reputable meeting facility. A conscientious business centre will take care of all of this for you.

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Never underestimate the need to issue a reminder, even for same day events.  Set a reminder if issuing a computer invitation and remind guests the day before with maps, travel and parking information.

Make Your Meetings Count in 2018

From team meetings to workshops and seminars, the right surroundings make all the difference. Fetcham Park’s prestigious meeting and event rooms in Leatherhead, Surrey, allow you to entertain clients at an iconic Grade II* property, where history and modern business sit side-by-side. Where you can encourage your colleagues to take a walk around the grounds and return refreshed and more alert after the change of scenery and a stretch!

Choose a space to suit your occasion, from a single room to the entire ground floor for as little or as long as you need. Conveniently located just two miles from the M25, close to the A3, Guildford, Cobham, Weybridge and Dorking with excellent access by road or public transport and within easy reach of Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

Find out more about Meetings & Corporate Events at Fetcham Park by visiting www.fetchampark.co.uk or email hello@fetchampark.co.uk


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