Fall in love with Monday Mornings

Do you suffer from Sunday Night Blues? Symptoms include anxious thoughts about the week ahead, a sense of helplessness or panic. Do you feel a sense of dread knowing you’ll be stuck in traffic or on a packed train the very next day…

This week these Sunday Night Blues were most probably at their most prevalent with the arrival of Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, on 18th January.

Telegraph journalist Linda Blair makes this observation in her article about the modern phenomena: “The idea was derived not from the results of any in-depth research, but instead by using a calculation involving such factors as current weather conditions and debt levels. However, while it had no basis in science, the idea caught on, and now many of us have come to dread it.”

Banish the blues

At Fetcham Park, we have created an office environment which has that ‘home from home’ feel. Our well-decorated and personalised office space will lift your mood and make Monday morning blues float away. With our amazing front of house team, you’ll get that extra help to organise your day a bit better. Thanks to so many additional services such as personal training sessions, going to work can be fun!

You’ll be surprised what a little exercise can do for the mind. Peter and Holly of The Health Quest provide a one-to-one personal training class to shake off the cobwebs and help you feel more revitalised.

Happy and healthy

Let’s not forget the power of yoga. As a former city worker, Yaur Yoga founder Laura Butcher understands how difficult it can be to get away from the desk and have some ‘me time’. Ensuring you take your lunch break, perhaps even incorporating yoga into your daily routine, will do wonders for your body and mind.

Most of us will agree that food is a big factor when it comes to happiness! Looking forward to a healthy and delicious lunch can be motivation enough for some. If you’re feeling a little blue, our catering company Two Many Cooks can create a special lunch, packed with feel-good nutrients to get you through the working day.

Make Sunday Night Blues a thing of the past

In fact, if your office was based at Fetcham Park, we’re pretty confident Sunday Night Blues will become a thing of the past! Call us on 01372 371000 or email hello@fetchampark.co.uk


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