60 seconds with entrepreneur & inspirational speaker Craig Goldblatt

The Inspiration Space returns to Fetcham Park on March 14th with Stop Being Afraid…And Do What You Love, a dynamic two-hour workshop with entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Craig Goldblatt.

Whether you’re ready to take the first steps towards starting your own business, want to change direction and pursue the passion project of your dreams, or need a motivational pep talk from an entrepreneur who has been in your shoes – this session will teach you how to harness the power you already have and stop the negative self-talk that is holding you back.

Craig’s high energy approach will motivate you to go after what you want with confidence. Together you’ll rip up the rulebook and get to work on identifying the positive people, ideas and techniques that will help you to not only do what you love but do it successfully.


We catch up with Craig ahead of his workshop to delve a little deeper…

FP: Craig, tell us how you become a motivational speaker?

CG: I realised through a number of different factors that my gift was in communication. On a personal level, my Dad used to lecture and is a great communicator and my Mum was a social worker in South Africa, both great at supporting people and this was natural in me also.  A defining moment of becoming a speaker came later in my life, I was doing really well in a sales corporate business, the money was rolling in for the company, but I didn’t feel valued. I struggled with it and on chatting it through with colleagues and friends, it was suggested to me that I run my own sales seminar.  I did it, absolutely loved it, and my speaking and coaching career flew from there two decades ago.

FP: In your experience, what are the 3 main reasons why people prevent themselves from fulfilling their business ambitions?

CG: Fear of success – although we all think we’d welcome success easily, we’re afraid of failing and so limit ourselves.  Of course, all the amazing learnings are in the failing!

Fear of change – to grow, things must change dramatically, it can’t stay the same, so expect it and embrace change. Am I enough? – a lack of self-confidence and love for themselves.

FP: Many people struggle with pricing their services or charge what they’re worth – how can they overcome this?

CG: We need to grow our value to meet our required price. Never undervalue yourself. For example, if I say my keynote presentation is £3,000 and they only have £2,500 in the budget, then I grow the value of my service by adding more. I offer an extra days’ coaching or I’ll bring 20 books to hand out, or I’ll offer a one-to-one with the boss. This way I keep my price but offer more value to the customer. I am worth the price I charge and I stick by it, but I’m also very happy to negotiate and add value.

FP: Any recommendations for books, podcasts, apps or hobbies to help us move towards a more positive approach to life?

CG: Positive mindset comes from within, set aside some part of the day that is yours. It all depends on what your work or family load is, but we all have half an hour somewhere in the day if we want to. Use this time to sit in a favourite chair and read, or meditate, just clear your head for a while and focus on your breath. Have a sleep, do some light exercise, yoga.  If you can be with yourself and slow down just once in a day, you’ll reap the rewards.

Some of my favourite books are ‘A man’s search for meaning’ Viktor Frankl.   ‘Courage’ Osho, and ‘The things you can see, only when you slow down’ Haemin Sunim.

FP: There’s a lot of talk about the growing negative impact of social media on our mental health. Do you have any advice on how this can be managed in a positive way?

CG: Social media is a powerful platform, the key to retaining positive mental health comes down to a balance of how much social media you will allow in your day and an understanding to uphold your own values.

About Craig Goldblatt

 Craig has spent the past two decades building several successful businesses and delivered over 700 inspirational keynote presentations to audiences around the world. He credits the amazing experiences afforded to him via his travels and successful career in business as the spark that first enhanced his awareness of the human experience. Find out more at www.craiggoldblatt.com

Stop Being Afraid…And Do What You Love is on Tuesday 13th March 10am-1pm at Fetcham Park. Tickets £28. For more info or to book visit: https://theinspirationspace.co/events-list/#!event/register/2018/3/13/how-to-build-a-business-without-losing-your-soul



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