Winter Weddings

Glittering frosts, crackling fires, the glow of hundreds of candles, indulgent food and warming drinks – when you paint such beautiful pictures of winter weddings, it’s no wonder how popular they have become. Although it seems very odd to be talking about winter as we speed towards summer, we’re already meeting with couples who’ve chosen Fetcham Park for their midwinter matrimony. So, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite hints and tips for anyone who’s planning a wintertime wedding…

Remember that you’re likely to spend the whole day inside and rather than staring at the same four walls for the entire time, look for a venue where there are a number of rooms available for you so you and your guests can move through the various spaces during the day. This means that you can, at the risk of cliché, take your guests ‘on a journey’ through ceremony, dinner and reception whilst not revealing your plans ahead of time. Happily, Fetcham Park’s combination of stunning reception rooms and ceremony spaces mean you’ve got plenty of options to play with.

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Do keep your photography in mind – is there a choice of great photographic backdrops inside the venue? At Fetcham our interiors are just as picturesque as our grounds. Our stunning staircase, ornate decorations and feature fireplace can all work wonderfully when the weather doesn’t permit traditional summery garden backgrounds. However, if you’re feeling hardy and like the idea of some photos outdoors, don’t forget to check what time the sun will set on your wedding date and speak to your photographer about this sooner rather than later.

When it comes to food and drink at winter weddings, the word ‘warm’ is definitely the one to keep in mind. Comforting drinks, nibbles and meals are always favourites but ice-cold champagnes and cocktails are also perfect and wonderfully celebratory. Our catering partners make the most mouth-watering menus that will warm your guests from the depths of their rumbling tummies. Winter punches served from huge silver bowls or hot chocolates topped with snowflake marshmallows and candy-cane stirrers: there’s so much scope with winter food that your taste buds should be tingling at the mere thought!

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Another huge plus for winter weddings are the options for bridal gowns and accessories. Capes, coats, wraps, shawls and shrugs are, frankly, bridal essentials for the colder months because shivering your way through your wedding breakfast isn’t much fun, but then ditching your top-layer before hitting the dance floor transforms your look ready for the evening party.

Stylistically, we have a major crush on black/white tie weddings in the winter months – it’s such an elegant look for an event that’s super stylish and sets your wedding apart from the workaday world of plain old suits. There’s also so much choice of glamorous women’s eveningwear available in the run up to Christmas that suddenly it’s much easier for your guests to choose an outfit.

As you might have gathered, we’ve got quite a soft spot for wintery weddings, which is perhaps why The Secret Quintessentially Wedding Guide featured Fetcham Park as its winter wedding venue of choice. We love winter because ordinary days can suddenly be made extraordinary with a sprinkling of snow or a night by the fire. We love it for its sense of fun, magic and happiness. We love it because it puts everyone in the mood to celebrate and enjoy a party. And, if you’re going to throw the biggest party of y

our life for your friends and family, then there’s no better time to do it.

Winter Wedding Fetcham Park_0001Chloe and Paul Fetcham Park Winter Wedding Nick Tucker Photography

 Image by Nick Tucker Photography