What I’ve Learnt This Month

Reassurance. I think that’s the best thing I can offer to couples and their families, and I’ve realised just how much that means to people in the past few weeks. Whether it’s reassurance that they’re not the only ones feeling overwhelmed by the search for the ‘perfect’ venue or reassurance that even if Fetcham Park’s not the right venue, they will know it when they find it.

When I meet couples, the first thing that I tell them is that it’s perfectly normal to feel daunted at the size of the task ahead of them. Once the initial excitement of the engagement has worn off and they have been asked endless times when and where they’re getting married, the search for a venue can become tiresome and often quite upsetting because the day doesn’t feel ‘real’ until know where it will be held.

Trying to find somewhere that meets all of your criteria – whatever they may be – is challenging, particularly when people start to realise all the costs involved (the subject of a post to follow!). They start to wonder how anyone ever gets married when there’s so much to think about and so many opinions to consider.

At which point, I remind the couple why they’re engaged and what the day’s really about: celebrating your love and making a commitment in front of all your friends and family. Whilst it might seem strange to say, I believe the venue is just the backdrop. You will have a wonderful day wherever you choose to celebrate because ultimately the day is about people – you and all the people you love.

So if you’ve just embarked upon the search for your wedding venue please remember that just like the search for your ‘perfect’ house, there will have to be a compromise.  No venue has it all, but the search for the right space will help you determine what matters most to you. It might be a beautiful reception hall, it might be a sweeping staircase to make a grand entrance or it might be wonderful gardens to enjoy with your guests.

Trying to decide what is *most* important is difficult but remember, you’re not alone in having to make these decisions and it’s perfectly normal to find it all a little bit daunting, so be reassured that you’re not the only one who needs a bit of reassurance!

If you’re currently scratching your head about where to start with finding your venue, take a look at the checklist we’ve put together to help you think about how to strategise and prioritise your quest!

Love, Laura

Image credit Eddie Judd Photography