This is not the post I had originally written. . . #sharethehonestlove

I had written a newsletter about all the incredible celebrations we’ve hosted this summer…just in case you missed any of my hundreds of photos on Instagram!

I spent hours choosing my favourite photos and then, just as I’d finalised the copy, Eddie Judd sent me the gallery from a September wedding and it made me rethink everything I wanted to say.

What I saw actually took my breath away, and I knew instantly that there was one photo that I wanted to share with as many people as possible.

Yes, Fetcham Park is a stunning venue.
Yes, its seen the most beautiful of brides walk down its staircase.
Yes, the Salon has been filled with the prettiest of flowers.
Yes, we’ve been complimented a thousand times on the most delicious meals.
Yes, the Great Hall’s dance floor has seen a lot of action!

But the thing I’m most proud of – and privileged to witness – on a Fetcham Park wedding day is the above.

This photo says it all for me. And reminds me of what’s truly important: the love that’s celebrated, shared and felt on a wedding day.

I regularly warn our couples against obsessing too much over the ‘pretty’ and this wedding – and this incredible photo – is the perfect example of what a wedding day is really all about.

It could have been taken anywhere, in fact it doesn’t even show the house, but it does show why we work so hard for our couples.

Our greatest wish is for them, their family and friends to enjoy the most special of days without having to worry about any of the details.

We want our couples to enjoy the planning, and the day itself, without losing sight of what is actually happening: promising to spend the rest of your life with your chosen someone and making vows surrounded by those you love who will support you in the years to come. To be able to witness this is a great privilege.

I wish brides and grooms to be could see more honest and real photos like this on blogs and in magazines; it would remind them of what’s most important. Whilst I think our Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with the prettiest of weddings, I’m going to make sure I share a lot more photos like this too. I love the wedding industry but I think sometimes the message gets a little lost. Let’s all remember and celebrate what a wedding day is really about: let’s #sharethehonestlove.

I am so proud that all of the Fetcham Park Team is so committed to ensuring the most perfect of days for our couples. Whatever style of celebration we host, we never forget that love is at the heart of everything we do.


  • Jennifer Lock Oct 23, 2014

    Your words touched me and I know if I had a man to marry I just know I would certainly let you organise it all beautifully for me.

  • Katie Deverell Nov 07, 2014

    Hurrah! I’ve been thinking similar thoughts for a long time. Great to refocus on the heart and soul of the wedding and reflect on what it is really all about.