Neale James Photofilm

At Fetcham Park, we love to hear about new ideas and brilliant suppliers so that our bulging book of contacts continues to grow, allowing us to answer any bridal request with, “Oh, I know just the person you need.” So, when we spoke to award-winning photographer extraordinaire Neale James about his amazing photofilms, we knew that we had to have his interview with our very own Laura Caudery on our homepage.

As you’ll see from the finished piece below, a photofilm by Neale really is something rather wonderful, something that will capture the sights and sounds of your day in a truly unique way. But, enough from us, we’ll let Neale explain more…

“Photofilms are special because they embrace sound into the slideshow elements of showing stills. It makes the result quite multi-layered, more three dimensional in its presentation. You never forget what people look like because you generally have libraries of pictures of your loved ones but their voices, their sounds, their tones, that’s what you preserve through a Photofilm.”

Neale started producing photofilms three years ago when a terminally ill bride wed her partner in a ceremony that was witnessed by their five-year-old daughter. The desire to preserve her voice as well as her image led to the creation of Photofilms and they’ve been part of Neale’s offering ever since.

“They’re not for everyone, granted, but over half of my couples opt to have one. In terms of documentary work, which I champion, the idea of having a soundtrack to accompany the stills really assists the end result, so from that perspective, they are very integral to our business now.”

So, what did Neale make of Fetcham Park? When we asked him this, his answer surprised us because, as a photographer, we were expecting him to enthuse about the interiors and the endless options for fabulous shots. But no, Neale picked something very different…

“I found Fetcham Park to be invitingly calm and that’s something I think is incredibly important about a wedding venue. Couples need to feel at ease, as do their guests, and Fetcham certainly boasts that experience,” says Neale.

But, before we let you watch the finished Fetcham Park Photofilm, we had to ask Neale, with his wealth of wedding experience, to pass on a few hints, tips and words of wisdom.

“My advice to brides is really based around the documentary style that I prefer. Don’t make your photography too complex. Trust the professionals to give you the space you need to also enjoy time with your friends. It’s funny but the drinks reception is often highlighted as the photography time which, I think, suggests to many photographers that they should fill that ninety minutes with as much picture taking and group shots as possible. I try to capture the important family member groups in twenty minutes with a further ten to fifteen minutes for bride & groom portraiture. But from there, I want my couples to spend time back with their friends, eating canapés and enjoying the champagne. After all, much of the magic happens during those relaxed moments.”

We couldn’t agree more and, speaking of magic, here’s Neale’s photofilm for you to enjoy…