Laura Speaks! – Building a Brand at Social Media World Forum 2014

Here’s a little question for you – what does Fetcham Park have in common with Vodafone, the BBC, McLaren, the Wall Street Journal, Sony, Topshop/Topman, Hootsuite, The Walt Disney Company, Fremantle Media, Yahoo, Nokia and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills?

Well, if you said they’re all strong, industry leading brands, we wouldn’t disagree with you but that’s not the answer that we’re looking for. In fact, they’ll all be sharing the stage at Social Media World Forum in London 31st March-1st April.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been invited to speak on ‘social inspirations’ on the first day of the conference and to be in such illustrious company is a wonderful accolade. After spotting us on The Guardian’s technology pages last year and following us online, Laura has been asked to share her thoughts on using social media to build a business and stand out from the crowd to the assembled audience and corporate big-hitters.

Right from the word go we’ve been easy to find online. We’re always happy to talk, share and connect and we love opening our world to you – whether it’s a wedding day, a shoot or simply a little behind the scenes sneak peek of our everyday. We want Fetcham Park to feel like home, we want to share our ideas and experiences and we want you to get to know us. For us, business language is out and instead, our social media feeds are lovingly caressed by the human touch because, to us, there’s nothing more personal than a wedding or family event.

We can’t wait to hear the other speakers and we’re really excited that Laura will be sharing her thoughts with all the delegates. Of course, we would love to see you there but if you can’t make it, rest assured that we’ll be telling you all about it online!

You can find out more about Social Media World Forum 2014 on their website and also read Laura’s interview on their blog.

Image of Laura speaking at Paperfest taken by Lisa Jane Photography.