Laura Loves Brooklands Hotel

You might be surprised to hear that we’ve got a bit of a thing about cars. We love seeing a beautifully restored classic car pull up on a wedding day, whilst a gorgeous supercar parked outside the front of Fetcham Park is just about all the incentive we need to run out and grab a few Instagram shots of the snappiest wheels around.

The start of the Formula One season this past weekend serves as a timely reminder of all that is good and great about the art of motor racing. From Goodwood to the Grand Prix, we love the thrill of the action, the smell of burning rubber and the truly awe-inspiring capability of manmade machinery.

You can imagine, therefore, what a thrill it was when Laura stumbled upon Brooklands Hotel in her quest for accommodation partners for Fetcham Park. Opened only a year before the house launched as a wedding venue, Brooklands Hotel manages to marry completely art-deco inspired contemporary design and hospitality into the heritage of motor racing that befits a hotel overlooking Mercedes Benz World and the historic Brooklands race track in Weybridge.

Laura Loves Brooklands Hotel Track Facing Room

Kieran & Vinita _ Fetcham Park Wedding _ Jackson & Co Photography0006 Kieran & Vinita _ Fetcham Park Wedding _ Jackson & Co Photography0022 Kieran & Vinita _ Fetcham Park Wedding _ Jackson & Co Photography0075 Kieran & Vinita _ Fetcham Park Wedding _ Jackson & Co Photography0134The Brooklands site is home to one of Britain’s most famous racing heritage circuits – in fact it was the world’s first purpose built real race track, which opened in 1907 by wealthy land owner Hugh Locke King and was the scene of the earliest motor racing in the country during the 1920s and 1930s.

The Locke King’s estate bordered and partly included what they saw as the perfect setting for a racecourse, over 300 acres of land where quiet woodlands sloped gently down to an area of flat marshy farmland by the River Wey. Locke King was told that Britain stood no chance in trials and competitions because there was nowhere in this country that British cars could be tested or raced.

On the 17th June 1907, after just nine months of work, the still unfinished Brooklands motor course opened, with the first official race taking place on the 6th July 1907. The 28th – 29th June 1907 saw Selwyn Francis Edge use the track with his green six-cylinder Napier for a record breaking 24 hours, a record he held for 17 years.

The world record for the first person to cover 100 miles in one hour was set by Percy E. Lambert at Brooklands. Brooklands last ever race happened in 1939, due to the closure of the track during World War II, where some of the track was damaged by enemy bombing.

With deluxe suites overlooking the racetrack, you might just find the morning after your wedding spent staring out at the magic of motorcars whizzing round the track. Brooklands Hotel really is every petrol head’s dream place to stay, but even if you’re not the next Lewis Hamilton, we’re sure that you’ll be equally as taken with the gourmet restaurant, deluxe spa and truly stunning rooms on offer.

You can find out more about Brooklands Hotel in Laura Loves, find them on Facebook or check out their website.

Thank you to Jackson & Co. for the images of Vinita & Kieran’s wedding preparation at Brooklands Hotel.