More than just a photo

Today’s Tuesday Truths was inspired by a comment I read on a blog about a couple’s choice of wedding venue:

“Everywhere you looked was just full of places for a photo opportunity…”

Whilst I can’t deny that we obviously focus on the beauty of Fetcham Park when introducing couples to the house, it shouldn’t be the most important consideration when choosing your venue.

Your venue represents so much more than just a photographic opportunity.  And indeed your photographs shouldn’t really be the focus of your planning – yes, you obviously want a beautiful record of the day but for what purpose?  Are you choosing things just because they make for a good photograph or because you really love them?

When I look back over all our family wedding photographs for #sheworewhite I pay very little attention to the styling or photographic backdrops, it’s all about the people smiling back at me from the photos.  And really that’s all any wedding day is about: people.  I know it’s tempting to get carried away with the pretty but please do remember why you first choose to get married in the first place – I doubt it was for the photos?

This is one of my favourite photos from our wedding day and it has nothing to do with the wedding itself but rather the effort that people made to be with us that day to support us in our marriage vows and celebrate the start of our married life together.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending hours choosing things like wedding flowers, but this photo means more to me than any photos of the details ever could.

I think that it’s important for couples to remember that the photographs they see in magazines and on blogs are a very edited selection from the day.  A blogger has deliberately chosen photographs that will provide interest and catch your eye but of course they’re just a fraction of the wedding day, and the planning.  Isn’t a venue’s role in all of those important aspects more significant than the photographic opportunities it affords?

We spend the majority of our time with clients explaining to them what they can expect from our team, the planning support we provide and the way in which we will guide them through the whole planning process.  I know it’d be easier to focus on ‘pretty’ stuff but I think I’m a bit old-fashioned at heart and want to focus on what really matters: the couple, their relationship and how they’d like to celebrate with all the people they love.

So in amongst all the pretty, let’s remind people what it’s really all about!  What do you think…are you finding yourself distracted by the pretty and do you think it makes for a ‘better’ wedding day or happier marriage?


  • Martin Gammon May 13, 2014

    Wedding photography is about love, for me. And love shows itself in so many ways throughout the day but rarely in posed shots.

    So, while there is a place for the posed fashion shots you are so right that it’s possible to lose sight of what the day all about.