Intimate Events at Fetcham Park

They say that small is beautiful and this is absolutely true of some of the intimate events that we’ve been lucky enough to host at Fetcham Park. Not only we have loved each and every one, but we’ve also come to learn how versatile the space in the house is and how suited it is to elegant entertaining.

Why Fetcham works so well is something that goes far beyond the practicalities of the building itself. Maybe it’s because the house was originally a home and that history of entertaining smaller groups of close friends and family has left its mark. Maybe it’s because in this age of being permanently connected to the whole world, we crave intimate connections with those we know best and the time and space to luxuriate in these moments. Or, maybe, it’s just that sometimes, for some events, for some occasions and for some people, an event with a more exclusive guest list is just what’s needed. Whatever the reason, the result is the same – Fetcham Park is the ideal home for personal, individual celebrations.

Baby naming ceremonies full of childlike wonder, longed-for reunions, family lunches, special parties to commemorate life’s milestones, farewell dinners, or long afternoon teas held at a pace that’s perfect for prolonged conversations can all find a home at Fetcham, with the same levels of care and personal attention that we give to everything we do. Our desire to create the perfect event for every client is not caveated by size, style or occasion. It is an honour to host every one.

It’s easy to create the perfect atmosphere at Fetcham Park. The Shell Room and The Salon both offer different things that appeal to different people. Whether you prefer the more intimate space of The Shell Room, looking out over the lawns or the golden splendour of The Salon, your event comes alive with us. Naturally, our rather fabulous team is always on hand to help and advise and events of every kind make us happier than you can imagine.

“It is so wonderful that the house can be a home for so many special occasions and I love the fact that events that might be smaller in number can still be a big part of the life of Fetcham Park,” says Laura. “The amazing occasions that we host prove that you don’t need a ‘minimum number’ to create memories. Magic happens when the right people are in the right place for the right reasons and I think I need say no more.”

With that in mind, here is a small selection of images from some of the intimate events that have found their ‘right place’ at Fetcham Park…

Intimate events Fetcham Park Eddie Judd Photography_0002 Intimate events Fetcham Park Eddie Judd Photography_0003 Intimate events Fetcham Park Eddie Judd Photography_0005 Intimate events Fetcham Park Eddie Judd Photography_0006 Intimate events Fetcham Park Eddie Judd Photography_0007 Intimate events Fetcham Park Eddie Judd Photography_0004

Imagery by Eddie Judd Photography