The Fetcham Park Website Launch Team

This website has been some time in the making – if you said three years you wouldn’t be far wrong!  With a building – and a business – that you feel are a little bit different from other venues, we felt it was important to have a website that was equally as engaging.  And we didn’t just want it to look beautiful, we wanted it to be a welcoming space that would allow you to get to know us a bit better.

The first port of call was to create a set of images that adequately captured both the grandeur and the minute beauty that Fetcham Park has to offer. Whilst we have had the privilege of hosting fantastic fashion shoots, and obviously have a wealth of beautiful wedding photos that our couples have kindly shared with us, this time we wanted to focus solely on the house.  So it was time to enlist super stylist Kate Taylor (The Coquette Bride) and florist extraordinaire Gayle Evans (Bloomingayles) to ensure the house looked its very best.

Then there was the task of finding a photographer.  Never one to compromise, Laura started her search with The World of Interiors and soon found Simon Upton and his beautiful photography of Chatsworth House and Ralph Lauren’s home.  His work speaks for itself but his background in both commercial and fine art photography, meant that we were very excited to see what he would capture at Fetcham Park.  Hopefully you’ll agree that the images we’ve selected are a beautiful representation of the house, both for those of you that know it well and those of you that have yet to visit.

Next there was the task of finding a website designer who could translate Laura’s somewhat expansive yet intricately exacting brief, as well as a website developer who could turn such designs into real life. This proved to be a long process in which we all learnt more about wire frames and resolutions than you can imagine!

Luckily, our designer Kevin Cantrell and the team at Hint Creative completely absorbed the ideas we gave them. “I want it to be timeless, luxurious, opulent, sort of like a beautiful Venetian palazzo, – ornate and dramatic!” was what Laura asked for and the team have absolutely surpassed her expectations.  Christian Day from Knight Studios is responsible for creating the online experience and realising our vision, and explaining why we can’t have things that are impossible!  Together these teams have created a website that we are incredibly proud to share and we would love to know what you think.

We hope that you like what you see and that this new online look gives Fetcham the virtual presence it deserves. From Kevin’s branding to Simon’s photos and everything else in-between, we are indebted to the hugely talented team of creatives who’ve helped an 18th century house find a face in the 21st century world.