Fetcham Park Dolls Fashion Shoot

If ever there was going to be a baptism of fire for Fetcham Park, hosting our inaugural photo shoot which saw an absolute deluge of wedding creatives working all over the house and gardens was certainly it!

Back in 2011 during a grizzly August Bank Holiday, the house had its first insight into the wedding industry with a collaborative shoot between Emma Meek of Miss Bush Bridalwear showcasing the upcoming Jenny Packham and Rosa Clara collections, Penny Cullen of Tigerlily Weddings curating and styling the art direction and Eddie Judd Photography battling tricky lighting and a tight schedule to create this beautiful portfolio of images.

It’s hard to describe the controlled chaos of the day or the fact that everywhere we looked something spectacular was taking place. A flurry of teenage girls disappeared noisily down our normally quiet corridors and reappeared as bridal pin-ups. An entire dressing room emerged outside beneath a curtain of beautiful ribbons as a set for one particular shot. The sound of excited discussion and shouted directions populated every crevice of the building.

Penny’s inspiration saw a brigade of beautiful models transformed into dolls in different guises. As such, we present to you Hippy Doll, Audrey Doll, Rock Doll, Vintage Doll and Sexy Doll, the aspirational bridal nymphs who were the first to frolic in the grounds of Fetcham Park.

Hippy Doll

005_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0274 010_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0317 012_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0334 003_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0264 009_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0306 019_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0457

Audrey Doll

089_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1403 087_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1376 094_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1462 090_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1409 093_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1442 088_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1393

Rock Doll

081_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1303 086_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1351 078_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1268 083_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1335 076_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1247 079_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1272

Vintage Doll

056_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0955 057_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0960 053_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0915 061_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_ 068_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1066 069_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1090

Sexy Doll

030_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0633 027_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0559 025_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0534 036_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0732 041_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0824 040_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0811

Everyone who congregated at Fetcham on that lazy Sunday afternoon will cherish their memories of being able to create and to play without inhibition. For us, it was a precursor of things to come, be that our launch event which was once again made to look exquisite thanks to Tigerlily Weddings and Miss Bush, or the legion of weddings we have since hosted that have filled the house with the same sound of excited happiness.

We always knew that Fetcham Park would simply facilitate whatever aspirations our guests held, but this was our first real proof that the house truly provided an elegant and unimposing backdrop. We couldn’t have been prouder.

096_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1483 046_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0860073_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1158 024_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_0514 072_Eddie-Judd-photography-tigerlily-jenny-packham-fetcham_1136


Photography: Eddie Judd

Wardrobe: Miss Bush

Styling: Tigerlily Weddings

Accessories: Magpie Vintage, Polly Edwards, Jon Dibben, Gillian Million, DC Bouquets

Flowers: Wild About Flowers

Hair: Elbie Van Eeden

Make Up: Ariane Jaksch

Lasercut flowers: Cutture

Cakes: Rosalind Miller