The Fetcham Collection from Jay Archer Floral Design

We’ve always said that Fetcham Park is not only a house to fall in love with, but a space to be inspired by. It’s hard not to find a muse amongst the dramatic Laguerre murals or to be moved by the exquisite decoration in the Salon, so we’re always pleased when our favourite suppliers find a stimulus amongst our walls.

Earlier this year, Jay Archer Floral Design curated The Fetcham Collection based on the concept of the quintessential English rose with a Fetcham Park redux thrown into the mix. We asked Jay how this dusky, muted, yet exuberant palette of colours had come about.

”There is a temptation when designing a floral scheme for Fetcham Park to ‘play it safe’ because the décor is so ornate,” Jay explained. “Whilst I don’t disagree with this and appreciate that, at times, ’less is more’ I do also think Fetcham Park is able to carry off elaborate designs…layered, decadent and lavish!”

The Fetcham Collection by Jay Archer Floral Design for Fetcham Park_0003

“To carry this off well though, I think it’s important to use the existing palette showcased at Fetcham – the Salon ceiling especially lends itself to softer, pastel shades lifted with deeper blue or purple tones. Hydrangeas, clematis and open garden roses all work well, with soft silver-grey foliage, such as eucalyptus and senecio. Personally, I think softer arrangements also work better,” Jay said, emphasizing that a more natural, garden-esque display would be preferable to formal, tight domes of flowers.

“I always think about when a property was built: who lived there, what flowers would they have had available to them? I imagine ladies in beautiful layers of skirts would have picked from the gardens around the house and placed blowsy flowers in elegant containers. As a result, I think that following this rule would surely create nothing but beautiful designs?”

The Fetcham Collection by Jay Archer Floral Design for Fetcham Park_0002

“As the Salon has high ceilings, you can afford taller arrangements in here, but I’d still go lightweight and alternate them with low arrangements too. Lots and lots of candles will help light bounce off the gilt and crystal, and create a more decadent party,” Jay explained.

“I think the Shell Room and Great Hall would be one hell of a Christmas dinner party setting!” Jay finished. “Being darker they tend to have a different type of dramatic atmosphere. As the paintings are generally richer, you’ll find that plum and copper tones work well here, lifted with claret and rosehip red shades.”

We love how this pretty palette takes inspiration from the extant décor throughout the house, adding an unexpected pop of colour in a very elegant way. Fetcham Park really does dazzle when the blooms and decorative details work with, rather than against, the picture the house paints and we totally agree that there is something ineffably romantic about a sea of candles glinting off the gilding!


Jay Archer Floral Design is based in Hampshire and is one of our Laura Loves suppliers.

  • Jay Archer Dec 05, 2013

    Thank you so much for featuring this! I cannot wait to get in and work on more weddings! xx

  • Rebecca Dec 05, 2013

    oooo lovely! Jay is working on our wedding and I am so excited to colloborate with her on our big day. Her work is beautiful!