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It’s that time of year again when many of us feel compelled to have a good clear out.

Decluttering or spring cleaning can be a cathartic process and there’s no denying that “a tidy house is a tidy mind” also rings true at work.

Keeping a clean and tidy office has many benefits. It will look after the health of staff, improve productivity and create a pleasant, positive working environment.

If your desk drawers are fit to burst or there are cupboards you’re too afraid to open, try our simple suggestions for an office spring clean.

Declutter desks

Clutter = stress. It’s that simple. If you’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff”, now’s the time to be ruthless. Work out what you need and give everything a place. The rest can go to the recycling bin or throw it out. Consider some clever storage options to help you organise the things you want to keep.

Provide disinfectant wipes

A super handy way to sanitise a workspace. Make this part of your everyday work ritual. If you need any help hammering home the point to colleagues, it is said that a keyboard can have more germs than a toilet seat!

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Empty bins everyday 

The benefit of being in a serviced office like Fetcham Park is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning (there’s enough of that at home!). At the end of each day, your bins will be emptied and your desk wiped clean so you don’t have to.

Try not to eat at your desk

A study by Mastercard in 2016 revealed that the average lunchbreak of British workers was 28 minutes with only 17% taking a full hour. Official health advice, as touched upon in our recent Deskercise blog, is that sitting for prolonged periods is bad for your health, regardless of how much you exercise.

Luckily for business residents at Fetcham Park, we have beautiful, secluded and tranquil gardens for an al fresco lunch on the terrace. Or talk a stroll through the grounds and breathe in the fresh spring air.

Serviced Offices at Fetcham Park

Offices at Fetcham Park are flexible and professional. We’ll tailor your fully serviced office to suit your brand, your budget, and the way you like to work. You can just plug and play, with no capital investment or long-term commitment.

Find out more by visiting: www.fetchampark.co.uk/office-space.html or come along and see for yourself.

Contact the House Manager for a tour on hello@fetchampark.co.uk


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