Love At First Sight

We don’t tend to share whole testimonials here on the blog very often, but when this email dropped into our inbox we were utterly bowled over. Like so many couples who marry here at Fetcham Park, Danielle and Rick had busy lives (in fact, they don’t even live in the country!) that didn’t make it easy for them to visit the house during their wedding planning. As such, it was more important than ever that they feel the benefit of the Fetcham Park Difference, with both the team and our suppliers working seamlessly together to pull off the wedding that they had dreamed of.

We’ll hand over to Danielle to tell the story of her path to the altar at Fetcham Park…

Fetcham Park

“Rick and I got engaged on the 4th of February at the Ritz in London. We had an amazing time and flew back to Dubai where we live after the weekend of celebrations. Once back in Dubai, I was so excited and so determined that I wanted our wedding to not only take place around the festive season, but in the same year that we got engaged, otherwise it would end up being the year after, which was too long to wait for me.

Back home, I Googled ‘best wedding venues London’ or something similar and by coincidence I found a website of the top 100 UK wedding locations. When I saw the Fetcham Park feature, I immediately felt this would be the one, especially after visiting the website. It even had stairs, which, thanks to a television show in Holland as a young girl, had always made me think that the bridal entrance should take place on a grand staircase. I also discovered that the house had been used as a film set, standing in for the Ritz Paris in ‘Diana’; I thought this cannot be coincidence and it is meant to be!

As I almost could not believe such a perfect place existed, I thought there might be something I would not like, so we decided to fly back two weeks after our engagement to visit Fetcham Park. Rick, the economist he is, did find it important to visit at least two or three more venues to make it worth the trip back. We booked two more venues to visit and in making the appointments, something weird happened. I called the other two first and I was perfectly fine with booking them, but when Victoria picked up the phone at Fetcham, I suddenly felt a lump in my throat and had to take a second not to break down in tears. It turned out that the experience many brides have when finding their dress – knowing it’s the one and having a little cry – turned out to be the same reaction I had to finding our wedding venue!

Fetcham ParkSo, off we went: two weeks after our engagement, off to visit venues. Fetcham Park was the first we visited and from the moment we walked into the grounds we thought “Wow.” The house was even better than we could have imagined. I had read somewhere that even though the house is a breathtaking, grand place, inside it has this warm, welcoming and intimate feeling; I couldn’t agree more. We knew this was the place. Victoria was so lovely, everything just felt perfect and in the 9 months of our wedding planning I did not come across one single downside of Fetcham.

We went to one other venue and cancelled the third one as we really felt we were wasting their time as our hearts were already set.

As Victoria was so lovely, I initially felt a bit sad she ‘handed us over’ to the wedding coordinator, Anna. However, I could write a separate testimonial about her as we were in amazing hands.

The whole wedding planning was an absolute joy and we used almost all the suppliers on the ‘Laura Loves’ list, which is an absolute joy to look through. As I knew the quality of every single recommended supplier would be top notch, it made the planning a lot easier but also lots of fun. Every single supplier we used exceeded our expectations. As I have planned a lot from Dubai, I couldn’t have done it without this list, and I know they are carefully selected so I am very thankful we were lucky enough to be able to use them.

Then the day itself… a dream came true. I felt so blessed and fortunate that we were able to get married at the house. And then, it turned out, I was the first bride ever to walk down the new beautiful carpet on those coveted stairs. I felt then and still feel now that it was such an honour.

Fetcham ParkEverything was perfect and exactly according to plan. Sara was a real star; I really felt she cared so much and it was as if she had known us for much longer than she really had. She was really there for us, as of course were Anna and Amaury. Every single guest complimented us on the house, the catering, the organisation and they felt really spoiled to be able to be there, which was perfect as treating our guests was exactly what we wanted.

Laura, I still feel sad I did not say hello to you, as it completely slipped my mind that you were there. However, I really want to thank you so much that you let us get married in your house. Even though we did not meet, I really felt you were there for us and I admire the fact you are able to make every bride so welcome and feel as though you are personally attached, despite the fact you have so many weddings and brides to keep in touch with.

We have had the most perfect day and it has been the most beautiful day of my life thus far. All of this would not have been possible without you, the house, and all the very talented people you work with.

Thank you Laura, I am eternally grateful for everything.”

Danielle’s wonderful words reminded us that even our ‘local’ clients rarely visit the house during the planning stage – even though they’re always welcome! – because of the remote support we’re able to offer.  Most people are busy, working couples with little time to visit a venue at 3pm on a Wednesday to meet with a cake supplier, so we’re always conscious that having someone ‘on the ground’ at the venue makes all the difference!

Images by Rebecca Goddard Photography