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We know that Fetcham Park is no ordinary wedding venue. The moment that you experience when you first step inside, when your heart leaps and misses a beat and you smile as if you’ve just come home, is simply the start of the things to come. As well as immaculate service, faultless attention to detail and a personal service unlike any other, those celebrating at Fetcham Park have access to Laura Loves, the most covetable little black book for any bride-to-be.

Laura Loves is our guide to the very best the wedding industry has to offer. It’s like a recommended supplier list that we tailor and share with our lucky couples but there are a few crucial differences: suppliers do not and cannot pay to be featured, we receive no commissions from anyone featured and we have worked with them all so when we tell you they’re wonderful, we speak from personal experience. Over the coming months, we’ll be showcasing the talented wedding professionals that feature on Laura Loves here on the Fetcham Park blog. We’ll be hearing not only from the suppliers in question, but also from Laura herself as she shares her thoughts and insights about exactly why she loves them.

This week, we’re so thrilled to share the work of Eddie Judd Photography with you. Eddie is, quite simply, one of the most amazing wedding photographers we’ve had the pleasure to meet. Her skill in capturing those unforgettable moments has us sighing with pleasure and her relaxed, friendly and unobtrusive approach is exactly what’s required on a wedding day. So, here’s Laura to tell us a little more and share some of her favourite wedding images that Eddie has captured at Fetcham Park…

“For me, Eddie’s work is special not just because she manages to capture the details of the day so beautifully, but because of the way she captures the emotion too.

Eddie has an incredible sensitivity towards the couple, and their family, never forgetting how precious it is to be invited to record such intimate moments and she ensures that she is unobtrusive yet somehow always in the right place at the right time.

Her way with people – of all ages (crucial at a wedding) – is such a joy to watch.  Whether helping someone feel more confident in front of the camera, sharing giggles with the girls or telling the boys to behave, she’s like a big sister to everyone involved and you can’t help but smile when you’re with her.

A happy and relaxed couple make for fantastic photographs and that’s exactly what Eddie manages to achieve, every single time.  Our couples have been delighted with her work and I know it’s just the start of a long relationship – once you’ve experienced her work for yourself, you want her at every important event.  Weddings are just the start of it!”

Laura Loves…These Images

Laura Loves Eddie Judd Photography Fetcham Park Surrey_0001

This is why I advise couples to have an engagement shoot.  Whilst your wedding photos are a wonderful reminder of your day, an engagement shoot in one of your favourite places is such a lovely, relaxed reminder of your relationship and contrasts beautifully with the formality of your wedding photos. It’s also a great opportunity to see just how much fun Eddie is and how much you’ll love her photos.  Having seen their engagement photos, every couple is so much more relaxed in front of the camera on the day because they’ve had the chance to get to know Eddie and are comfortable about posing.  Or they just forget she’s even there!”

Laura Loves Eddie Judd Photography Fetcham Park Surrey_0006

“Timeless, classic, elegant. A special moment beautifully captured and I love Danielle’s calm contemplation as she gets ready at home.  One of my most relaxed brides and one of my favourite photos.”

Laura Loves Eddie Judd Photography Fetcham Park Surrey_0004

“Couple shots are never boring with Eddie and this is classic Judd style!”

Laura Loves Eddie Judd Photography Fetcham Park Surrey_0005

“Capturing the party perfectly!”

Laura Loves Eddie Judd Photography Fetcham Park Surrey_0002

“The bride silhouetted in the Dressing Room window will forever be one of my favourite shots.  Alice is looking across at St Mary’s, where both she and I were married, and it was the first time we’d tried this photo. I doubt it will be the last as it’s so classic.”

Laura Loves Eddie Judd Photography Fetcham Park Surrey_0003

“Pure joy!  This was such a lovely day at the house and everyone was enjoying the day so much – this picture says everything about the wedding in one frame.”

Part Two of this feature, an interview with Eddie herself, will be posted later this week with more beautiful images for you to enjoy!