How to Get the Best From Your Wedding Suppliers

Whenever I host an event for my family at the house I’m reminded just how brilliant our suppliers are.

I am fortunate that having worked extensively with all of our suppliers, I have every faith in their ability and vision, whatever the occasion.

With the very briefest of briefs – the theme I gave Kalm Kitchen and Paula Rooney – was ‘nee naws’ (well, emergency services to be precise!) – they collaborated to produce a display of food and flowers that was nothing short of breath-taking for Alfie Caudery’s 3rd birthday party on Saturday. My only concern is what to do next year…

I know that people, brides in particular, enjoy executing their ideas – often long-imagined – but it’s important to remember that when working with creatives, they are exactly that: creative.  I love giving people free reign because, when you’ve already seen or experienced their work, you know that you don’t have to worry about the quality so why not leave something to chance so you have some excitement on the day?

I loved the fact that my wedding florist, Vic Brotherson of Scarlet & Violet, didn’t keep an image library of her past weddings; she believed that as an artist her work should constantly evolve, rather than become repetitive.

Scarlet and Violet flowers Fetcham Park_0002I feel the same way about all of our suppliers and the house: each and every recommendation we make is based on the fact that quality is guaranteed. Why not have the confidence, therefore, to let your suppliers interpret your vision and produce something that surprises and amazes you? Whilst I had discussed flowers and colours with Vic, I didn’t know what the finished arrangements would look like and I loved walking into the room and seeing everything for the first time. She also made the suggestion of alternating displays on the tables, something I’d never have thought to do.

My intention for Laura Loves was that it would give our clients the reassurance they need to enjoy collaborating with wedding suppliers; it should be a fun and creative process, rather than one you feel you have to micromanage.  Not only does that become stressful for both parties, it hampers creativity and I don’t know about you, but I feel I always do my best work when someone believes in me.  Not only do I enjoy it, I want to do the very best that I can and exceed all of their expectations, rather than simply match them.

The same is true of any supplier but I leave you with some wise words from Penny at Love Scarlett:

“Your photographer is a professional and you chose them because when you saw their work you got butterflies and it spoke to you….so why try and control their art and vision?

I understand you want it all to be perfect but you have to remember that so do they.  So trust them, and they will do it.”

Love, Laura

  • Jay Archer Apr 04, 2014

    Wise words Laura! I hate being micro-managed, and often turn clients away now if I feel the relationship could evolve into that… I want to embrace the clients likes and dislikes, but feel confident enough to do my job and make the best choices for them at market.